Alexander Zhukov awarded the winners of the school volleyball tournament

Alexander Zhukov awarded the winners of the school volleyball tournament

On October 18, Voronezh hosted the final of the volleyball tournament dedicated to the memory of the dead employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The competition was attended by schoolgirls from different schools of the city. The winners of the competitions were awarded by the founder of the “Kindness” fund Alexander Zhukov.

The first volleyball tournament in memory of the deceased officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was held in 2013. The idea of creating a competition belonged to the founder of the Dobrota charity foundation. According to Alexander Zhukov, patriotic education is an integral part of every person’s life, and it is especially important for schoolchildren. And such tournaments, dedicated to the memory of prominent people, fighters for freedom and justice, help children realize the value and significance of the heroic deeds of their compatriots.

– Nowadays the problem of patriotic education is a hot issue. A lot has been said but it is time to take actions. We think that one of the solutions is to encourage teenagers to take part in different events in heroes’ memory. Such events are a kind of remembrance days which are important not only for teens but also for those who perished and their relatives.

The volleyball tournaments become more and more popular with teenagers every year. There were 12 schools that took part in the tournament in 2019.

– I am very proud of girls who are interested in sports. Obviously, it makes healthier. Also, our project is up to date because the president deckares for the popularization of sports, – says A. Zhukov.

During the final games, three schools competed. As a result, students of school No. 98 won. However, awards for participating in competitions were received by athletes of all schools. Alexander Zhukov congratulated pupils on their victory and gave them diplomas, medals and sweet gifts.