Alexander Zhukov congratulated teachers of three schools on Teacher’s Day

Alexander Zhukov congratulated teachers of three schools on Teacher’s Day

On Friday, October 4th, in many schools, lyceums and gymnasiums in Voronezh, solemn events dedicated to the International Teacher’s Day were held. The deputy of the City Duma, the founder of the Dobrota charity foundation, Alexander Zhukov, took part in three festive programs.

The first school to accept congratulations from the parliamentarian was Secondary School # 76 with a half-century history. Alexander Zhukov personally thanked the teaching staff of the educational institution, including its director Tatyana Pozhidaeva, for their diligent work and sincere concern for the younger generation. He wished the teachers good health, prosperity and success in their difficult but important work.The deputy gave the school staff thankful letters written by the Voronezh City Duma, bouquets of flowers and a money certificate in the total amount of 50 thousand rubles. The school will use these funds to purchase the necessary furniture.

– I am very glad to be here. Moreover today is such a wonderful holiday, Teacher’s Day. Each of us may remember his or her first teachers. We, like many guys, were afraid of them and missed lessons. But do not follow this example, Alexander Zhukov addressed the schoolchildren who attended the celebration. We were friends with our teachers all the time. Our first teacher passed away not so long ago … We were real friends with her. We lived close to each other. She used to come to our place and said: “Sasha, you have no time to take your children to the kindergarten. Let me do it, I’m already retired. I can take them to the kindergarten and go for a walk with them.” It is a pity she is no more with us. I wish you had students who would remember you, write to you, and sometimes even bother you with their presence. But you will understand how great it is when you are remembered, loved, and when you are in demand.

The deputy’s speech and his presents to the 50th school anniversary were met with thunderous applause. The talented and creative staff of the secondary school congratulated the teachers and all those who came to visit the Voronezh festival- they were dancing and singing songs, they were performing poetry and staging martial arts demonstrations.

The next school which the representative of the City Parliament paid a visit, was the gymnasium #6 with in-depth study of the German language. The educational institution celebrated its 55th anniversary since its foundation. The headmaster of the organization, Alexander Nikulin, recalled that the gymnasium is special for the region – it is in demand not only in Voronezh, but also abroad. The school is attended by 729 students. Of these, only 150 of the pupils live nearby, the rest come from different areas of the capital of Chernozemye and its immediate vicinity. Among the achievements are high marks which pupils demonstrate during the final exams every year.

– This is the authority of the gymnasium in the city and in the region, which has been earned for over decades. Our goal is to sustain it and only improve it, Alexander Nikulin addressed the audience.

The festival was attended not only by present teachers, but also veteran teachers who were at the foundation of the German gymnasium and organized its first school exchanges with Germany. The pupils welcomed them with different songs, dances, crafts, greeting newspapers and postcards, as well as warm-hearted words. Alexander Zhukov who always supports the gymnasium as its teachers admitted, sincerely thanked every guest of the event.

– I wish you good health so that you can share your knowledge and experience with your students for many more years, and that they will not forget you, just like we do not forget our first mentors, Alexander Zhukov said to the teachers.

The deputy gave the director and the teachers the thankful letters written by the Voronezh City Duma and a money certificate in the total amount of 55 thousand rubles. These funds will also be used to purchase school furniture.

The third educational institution, a gymnasium UVK #1 , has prepared a full-fledged concert program for all those who attended. Gymnastics performances, Russian folk songs performed in a contemporary manner, stand-up shows, dances and songs by the school band “Orange”, known not only in Russia but also abroad, some masterpieces of the world music performed by saxophonists, humorous dedication of young teachers and much more were specially prepeared and shown to the guests of the event. The longtime friend of the gymnasium UVK #1, Alexander Zhukov noted in his speech that the indescribable atmosphere in the gymnasium is largely due to it headmistress Elena Alekseeva.

– Today I have met a young team of your school, and I know about the constant presence of there veterans here as well. I clearly understand what experience you share with young people – you go hand in hand with them. It is great, because all your knowledge will be transferred to children who are taught by these young teachers. I wish all of you a happy holiday, stay healthy, wealthy and successful , so that your students will love you as much as you did your first teachers. And they will always remember you. So that they, like me, understand that studying at school is their best years in life. I would like to present this thankful letter to the wonderful headmistress who is always full of great ideas. Every time I come and visit your school, I see something new. That atmosphere here is Elena Nikolaevna’s great merit, – Alexander Zhukov noted.

Парламентарий рассказал журналистам, что его дружба с этим учебным заведением длится уже более 20 лет, с другими, The deputy told the reporters that his friendship with this institution has been for more than 20 years, while with other ones which he visited on the eve of Teacher’s Day has been lasting for even more years. Each of these schools means a lot to the deputy, they played some role in his life. He was a pupil at one school. His children attended another school. When he was a child, school #76 was built. Additionally almost all of these schools are located in the Kominternovsky district, where Alexander Zhukov lives all his life.

– I feel like at home being here. Therefore it was a great pleasure to visit the schools again and, as always, I was charged only by positive emotions. Children’s performances are a very big deal. But the most important thing is when you come here, you are with pupils and with teachers in the same team. People see that this is an inextricable link, that power and school are one big family, we are united. When we are all together, we can do a lot, we are able to solve many issues. Teachers realize that their work is marked not just by a tick, as a place of work, but as a place of a happy life for each teacher. I am honored to share the joy with you all and also give it to you in some ways. Our children are raised by our deeds.And when we do something good and kind, our children follow our steps. They will do the same then. It means that we will educate kind, honest and decent people, Alexander Zhukov summed up.