The day of people with boundless opportunities

The day of people with boundless opportunities

United Nations’ International Day of Persons’ with Disabilities was officially established on the 14th of October in 1992. This holiday serves to show that everybody is equal. Moreover, it units people and plays a big role in the county’s life.
All people are born equal. But some people are deprived of living to the fullest. These people are ones with disabilities. As the research shows more than 15% of world’s populations have a certain disability. Speaking about children, there are 5, 1% of children who are disabled which is 95 million and 13 million of them have severe disability. The number of people with disabilities is getting scarier and scarier every day.
This day is a special one. The city civic center has gathered lots of adults and children who are men of spirit. These very people have already been well-known in Russia. They are the winners of the international sports and creativity competitions. At this event they were awarded with diplomas and were given presents.

There were many people who wanted to congratulate them. There was the two-time champion of the Olympics D. Sautin and the deputy of the City Duma A. Zhukov.
The Charitable Foundation is famous for its social work with people with disabilities. This year the fund has done a lot in order to help All-Russian Society of Disabled, Society of ICP “ Hope”/”Nadezhda” and “ Sails of Hope”. They were given food, sweets and gifts. This is just a fraction of those whom the fund lends its helping hand.
People with disabilities are men of spirit, they are eager to live. Every day they fight for life and for their rights. It is necessary to help and support. This is good news to see that Russia and the world understand the importance to these people to be accepted. They break all possible limits to live to the fullest, they are unbreakable, and they are people with boundless opportunities.