Best of the best get scholarships!

Best of the best get scholarships!

In order to receive a scholarship, it is not necessary to study on a budgetary basis. The best students of Voronezh Institute of high technologies proved this idea once again.

According to a good tradition, students who are able to take part in different activities can get a scholarship of the Deputy of the city Duma, the founder of the Charitable Fund “Kindness”, Alexander Zhukov.

Any initiative based on pious hope should be awarded. But the students do not ask for salvage money. They call themselves volunteers and do their best in order to help others and always are there for any help.

Socially active students prove the idea that the youth can change the world for the better and they are ready to help others unselfishly. It is always pleasant to understand that our future is in reliable hands. More than that, the students make their lives full of happiness and bright colors. All these should be awarded.

«They deserve these scholarships, — says A. Zhukov. — They cope with all the stuff and do a lot to be descent citizens of their country. Other students should follow their example and a scholarship is a great perk.