The best job ever

The best job ever

Children are the lights of our lives. Their parents are proud of their kids’ first steps, success and achievements. Kids and their parents go through life arm in arm and parents help them make a right decision, explain what good and evil is. Every family has its own traditions and peculiarities, but it doesn’t really matter what relations are they in, children are always surrounded with care, warmth and love.

But life is a funny business. Sometimes children and parents get lost. Some couples can’t have children of their own and there are kids who have no families.

Voronezh Children’s Home was founded in 1943. There live kids who are deprived of parental care at the age of 1 to 4. There live 120 kids who undergo the rehabilitation. It is devoted to the social integration in today’s world.

The work of doctors and teachers has three main branches: medical, social and educational ones. They save kids’ lives putting their souls into them.

Pupils of school №57 have been making the life of these kids happier for 15 years already. They make up toys and clothes and their teacher Lyalina L. V. helps them with it. A. Zhukov also supports pupils; he supplies them with fabric which is used for crawlers, loose jackets, pillows and toys.

At the autumn concerts, some of kids read poems, sang songs and played games with pupils. Pupils were very thankful for such a nice concert and gave kids their handmade gifts. A. Zhukov brought fruits, sweets and lots of diapers.

Kind-hearted people who sacrifice their own lives are praiseworthy. They are always happy to give all the love and care they have for kids. They have the best job ever.