Don’t be alone in trouble

Don’t be alone in trouble

We all face difficulties. In a critical situation, relatives or close friends are often there for us. Not always, there are those who can help, advice, take care of us. What if a child is left alone? A teenager who is not able to take care of himself, but has already ridden the storm so many times, became a grown-up too soon and now he is trying to find a niche for himself despite all the difficulties of adulthood. At this very time, one must hope that help will come, that he won’t be left aside with his troubles and there will be kind people who will help and give warmth of human hearts.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of children in our city who need help. So, Pasha is in deep water. His mother died and his father being grief-stricken forgot to take care of his son. There are no other relatives, so the boy was left all alone. Having graduated 9 years of school, Pasha entered a college, but as a result he could no longer pay tuition and was expelled. The house where the boy lives is in the territory of 11th constituency. The Deputy Alexander Zhukov, who is the founder of the charity Fund” KINDNESS”, found out about his problems and immediately decided to visit and help the boy.

It was winter, but Pasha had no warm clothes and shoes. There were collected some warm clothes for him with the help of the Fund “Kindness”. Also, the most necessary foodstuff was bought: cereals, canned food, sugar, fruits, cookies, sweets. The boy got a gift and souvenirs — a towel, a mug, a purse and a watch, which Pasha winded with Alexander Zhukov.

“We just can’t leave people to the mercy of fate,” says Alexander Zhukov. – If we are able to do something in order to help those who are in need, we simply have to help! It is impossible to be indifferent to the suffering of others.” A. Zhukov wished Pasha to study well and a successful state exam.

Now the boy is not alone. Helping others is a way to a better life. All we can change our world because all these help us to feel warmth and care even if it is the most severe cold outside.