Make Peace – No War

Make Peace – No War

The representatives of the Charitable Foundation “Kindness” visited Ukranian refugees on the 8th of April.

There is a hotel “Nadezhda” which is situated in Verkhnee Trusovo. This place has become a place of temporary accommodation. The manager of the hotel A. Shostov says that there were more than 500 refugees. The government went to the expense of it, but every help comes in handy.

The fund “Kindness” also helped those people. The staff of the fund brought new clothes and shoes, sugar, flour, macaroni, buckwheat, vegetable oil and some other necessary stuff. Also, the pupils of school №1brought tinned food.

While visiting A. Zhukov listened to stories of Donbass citizens, it made the most striking impression.

People who came from Ukraine told that it had been the scariest time ever. They were still afraid of loud sounds because they were like explosions. They didn’t understand why all these had happened, they lived in peace and there hadn’t been anyone to harm them, only war had caused troubles.

– Now we are happy to go back home, everything has ended. Now we are safe. The city is being rebuilt. It is time to live a normal life again. We are very thankful for the help that has been done, Russia has been welcome. – says one of the refugees.