Oscar in Voronezh

Oscar in Voronezh

The Award Ceremony was held in Voronezh for the first time on 20th of June. Everybody, who worked on the film called “School life”, took part in red-carpet event. 11 years of shooting, a longstanding cast, a breathtaking plot, unusual special effects, a picturesque denouement- What, though, were all these?

The leavers of gymnasium №1took the cake having decided to have a prom in such a way.

On that field day, the majority of school leavers began the world. Each school celebrated it in their own way according to their traditions and wishes. The leavers of the school have decided to celebrate it specially. There was “Oscar”, poems, songs and thanks for each candidate. Two brilliant leavers posted awards at the ceremony.

The school leavers were grateful to everybody who played an important role in their school life: the principal, the assistant principals, the supervising teachers and the deputy of the City Duma, the founder of the fund “Kindness” A. Zhukov. He was surprised to be awarded with “Oscar”.

The principal of gymnasium №1 Alekseeva E. N., the deputy od the City Duma Zhukov A.A. and the assistant principal Kostukova A.A.

A. Zhukov was grateful for being awarded and wished all the best in the world to the school leavers and he had something to be given to them, too. Everybody got great gifts and their parents were awarded with diplomas. More than that, all school leavers of the 11th district of Voronezh got presents.

No matter where and how proms are celebrated, the main thing is that it is one the most special and memorable days in the life of all teenagers, their parents and teachers. The more creative and original proms are the lively recollections will be. No doubt when everyone will remember this day, the outstanding prom and “Oscars” their countenances will be brightened into smiles.