With the will to win: school football tournament held in the city of Voronezh

With the will to win: school football tournament held in the city of Voronezh

The pupils from nine Voronezh schools took part in the sports competitions dedicated to the Victory Day.
On May 16, at the stadium of School No. 39 the final games of the mini-football tournament took place.

The event is held annually, with the active support of the Charity Foundation “Dobrota” and its founder, Aleksander Zhukov, a deputy of the Voronezh City Duma.

– Our children and grandchildren should know our history, remember and honor the feats of the heroes of the Second World War. This is the main thing of this tournament. Who won it and who could not win is not so important. The main thing is that children communicate and make friends, said Aleksander A. Zhukov.

The results of the tournament are the following: School No. 51 took the first place; the second place was taken by School No. 57 and the third place was taken by school number 39.

The best players were: Viktor Shestopalov (School No. 1), Ivan Kalashnikov (School No. 84), Daniel Zhukov (School No. 25), Ruslan Asumkin (School No. 39), Yevgeny Perov (School No.51), Oleg Moiseenko (School No. 57 )), Oleg Kravets (Voronezh Pedagogical College), Danila Stepanischev (Gymnasium No. 6), Bykovsky Artyom (School No. 98).

– We lacked “protection” to take first place because the players were very tired at the second game. We will prepare more thoroughly for the next tournament, taking into account all the mistakes that we have made, said Ruslan Asumkin, a 14-year-old striker of the team of School No. 39.

All the teams received gifts from the Charity Foundation “Dobrota”: delicious cakes, commemorative diplomas, medals and cups, sports equipment.

Moreover, by Aleksandr Zhukov’s personal order, personalized football uniforms are being sewn for young footballers, which will undoubtedly please them and inspire them for new victories and achievements!