Taking care of kids

Taking care of kids

Voronezh Foundation of Social Support and Protection of Population “Kindness”/”Dobrota” held a charitable event in Bobrovsk boarding school for orphan children on the 31st of March. Children were given new clothes and treated to sweets.

In the school yard of Bobrovsk boarding school, a certain “Niva” parks, the boot of which is jammed to the rafters. The discharge starts immediately. Hardly the first box touches the ground; boys make a circle around it.

– Carry them together- says the driver.

Is it an argument for them? Little lads are always eager to demonstrate how strong they are. Boxes are heavy, but they do their best. There are some who carry two at a time!


Members of Foundation “Kindness” brought six boxes of summer clothes and 200 kilos of washing powder and cakes.

A.A. Zhukov has come to see kids and heads of the school. They treat him as a good friend. Lads shake hands respectfully.

– We are always glad to see Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, – says Elena Aleksandrovna Ganieva, a deputy director of the school, – He often visits us, the New Year day is not an exception, too. He brings presents, sweets and fruits, so kids know and love him very much.

The Bobrovsk boarding school has already been under the Foundation “Kindness” wing for several years. Children with disabilities are inmates of this school, so attention is very important for them. Nowadays there live 69 children

We go upstairs to see the youngest ones. Children take colored pencils and sheets of paper, where they circle their hands and feet. These sketches will be passed on a senior home, which is going to be visited soon. There grannies will knit mittens and socks for kids, – both children and grannies will be happy, won’t they?

At the end of the visit, A. Zhukov is invited to a newly furnished classroom where children are taught traffic laws. Children play roles of  pedestrians and drivers using special simulators. The classroom is clean and up-to-date.

– It would be nice to paint walls with funny pictures, – advises A. Zhukov.

– It sounds great, – reply teachers.

So, next time the first place to visit will be this very classroom to witness the handmade art on the walls. No doubt, children will take part in such a creative process.