The Dobrota Foundation helped to provide amenities for the residents of Zhigulevskaya Street

The Dobrota Foundation helped to provide amenities for the residents of Zhigulevskaya Street

For a long time, residents of the mentioned street could not succeed in getting this territory improved next to their high-rise building.

One of April’s days (April is traditionally considered to be the month of improvement) has become a remarkable one for the residents of the high – rising building #28A. The yard of Zhigulevskaya Street has finally been improved by the Dobrota Foundation.

For a long time, part of the territory next to the five-story building was in a rather poor condition. The citizens of Voronezh could neither build flower – beds nor plant trees because of infertile soil. Also, there were no benches near there, so no one could have a rest and relax on a summer evening. This year, residents of the building decided to change the unsightly yard and asked for help. The head of the charity foundation “Dobrota” Alexander Zhukov responded to the request of citizens.

– We have already improved some part of the street, but, unfortunately, a huge part remained unimproved and we began asking for help. We decided to address to Alexander Alekseevich Zhukov and he responded very quickly. And everything that we asked for was done. And here we are already in the midst of such a big improvement, – said Tatiana Zueva, the chief of the improvement of the five – story building #28A on Zhigulevskaya street


Before the beginning of improvement, Alexander Zhukov and his assistants, together with the residents, discussed what they need and want to change and only after that the work began. As a result, the residents of the house №28A on Zhigulevskaya Street had new benches, a sandbox for the kids, and two trucks brought sand and fertile black soil. On a sunny April day, residents of the five-story building, employees of the Dobrota Foundation and Alexander Zhukov improved the deserted yard.

According to the head of a charitable organization, the main role in the improvement of the yard was played by the residents. After all, it was residents who were eager to improve the territory. And the Dobrota Foundation became a magician who put their intention into effect.

– It will not do if people do not want to change their lives, it will be a waste of money and time. Therefore, first of all, people must get together, unite. Moreover, when something is done with your own hands, you will always take care of it, – said Alexander Zhukov.

By the way, the experience of such an improvement is not new for the Charity Foundation “Dobrota” – the organization often helps enterprising citizens to carry out their ideas. Residents of the Kominternovsky district can apply with their requests to the reception room of Alexander Zhukov and the Dobrota foundation. It is worth noticing that the area of the building # 28A on Zhigulevskaya Street will continue – the planting of flowers and trees is coming, which means that the once gloomy yard will soon begin to sparkle with new colors.