The project of adaptation of single mothers will continue its work

At the end of 2018 in Voronezh, a unique project support single mothers approached the official final. The program was implemented with a grant from the President of Russia and

Strong in Spirit: International Day of Persons with Disabilities was celebrated in Voronezh

Charity foundation “Kindness” has been helping hold the festive events for 15 years. International Day of Persons with Disabilities was celebrated on the 5th of December in Voronezh. Café “The

The unique project “Social adaptation of single mothers” changes lives and teaches how to give warmth

The project “Social adaptation of single mothers” was started by the Charity Foundation “Kindness” and its founder Alexander Zhukov a year ago in Voronezh. Thanks to the efforts of the

The founder of the charity foundation “Dobrota” has awarded the participants of the memorable volleyball tournament.

The charity organization regularly supports sports competitions of educational institutions in the city of Voronezh. On October 19, 2018, in the secondary school #39, in Voronezh, the results of the

In Voronezh single mothers are receiving support from the Charity Foundation “Dobrota”.

The third stage of the unique project “Single mothers’ social adaptation” is underway. The project “Single mothers’ social adaptation” started at the end of 2017 in Voronezh. The initiator is

The Charity Foundation “Dobrota” has brought some gifts to the Bobrov boarding school.

This is how the traditional charity trip to Bobrov was held. Alexander Zhukov, the founder of the Charity Foundation “Dobrota” adheres to the principle “regularity is the most important thing

The project is getting better and better every day

The unique program has broadened its horizons. The results of the second stage of the project on the adaptation of single mothers have been summed up. The charitable Foundation “Kindness”,

“Kindness” for faith: Alexander Zhukov visited the monastery in Zadonsk

The founder of the fund “Kindness” Alexander Zhukov on the eve of the great Orthodox holiday, the Day of the memory of St. Tikhon of Zadonsk, Bishop of Voronezh, paid

Social project is the best on the conference in Geneva

The project of social adaptation of single mothers, which since the end of 2017 has been realized in Voronezh by the Foundation “Kindness”, headed by Alexander Zhukov, took the first

Metropolitan Sergius consecrated the Voronezh Mother’s House, supervised by the Foundation “Kindness”

The founder of the Fund Alexander Zhukov, single mothers and their children took part in this event. Voronezh and Liskinsk Metropolitan Sergius consecrated the social shelter “Mother’s House of the

The project «Dress up and become confident» which serves to help single  mothers is at full blast.

Despite the holiday season, the second stage of the unique project “Social adaptation of single mothers» is at full blast. Let us recall that the project began in 2017 in

The “Dobrota” foundation took part in the festival “The Good Region of Voronezh”

Participation in the holiday is becoming a good tradition for this charity organization. On Saturday, May 26, the Second Charity Festival “The Good Region of Voronezh” was held in the

“To help people is our human duty” Alexander Zhukov

As a part of the project of social adaptation of single mothers, representatives of the “Dobrota” foundation visited the regional nursing home. The second stage of the unique project of

Children became prizewinners of All-Russian Olympiad.

They were awarded by the Deputy of the City Duma. The students of psycoeducational, medical and social assistance center became prizewinners of the prestigious All – Russian Olympiad «SAPIENTI SAT».

Being kind to single mothers of  Voronezh

It is how single mothers and their kids have found shelter and help. There have started an unusual project in Voronezh, which is devoted to support women in a difficult

Psychological assistance for single mothers: the social adaptation project has  started in Voronezh

The social adaptation project for single mothers, who are left without support and shelter, has started in Voronezh. The unique program is held due to the presidential grant, which was