Best of the best get scholarships!

In order to receive a scholarship, it is not necessary to study on a budgetary basis. The best students of Voronezh Institute of high technologies proved this idea once again.

A. Zhukov: “We are not magicians, but we are up to good”

A. Zhukov’s Charitable Foundation “Kindness” (“Dobrota”) was recognized by UN/ United Nations. Everybody considers himself a kind person, but what, though, is kindness itself? The Explanatory Dictionary of Russian Language

A. Zhukov: “ Volunteering can change the world for the better” Saturday, the 16th of July, 2016

IX international conference “Volunteering is a technology of social reforms” took place in Geneva. There were representatives of National Education Committee, educational organizations, Mass Media, governments from 40 regions of

Voronezh remembers the Blockade

The 27th of January is one the most important dates in the Russian history. The destructive and prolonged blockade of Leningrad, which lasted 872 terrible days, started in 1941 and

Oscar in Voronezh

The Award Ceremony was held in Voronezh for the first time on 20th of June. Everybody, who worked on the film called “School life”, took part in red-carpet event. 11

Taking care of kids

Voronezh Foundation of Social Support and Protection of Population “Kindness”/”Dobrota” held a charitable event in Bobrovsk boarding school for orphan children on the 31st of March. Children were given new

Not an orphanage, but home

Representatives of Fund “Kindness” visited Bobrovskay boarding school. At the concert, which was dedicated to the end of the school year, the volunteers brought sweet gifts and warm hearts. On

Medal for Kindness

As the proverb says “An act of kindness is well repaid”. Actions taken from the bottom of the heart in order to help others, always find a response in the

Neighborhood Clean-Up

Volunteers of school №1 picked deadwood and litter nearby the forest. The representatives of the Charitable Fund and volunteers of school №1 hold the clean-up which is called “Healthy lungs

Meeting Nations of the World

The 12th of April was a day when the geographical ball took place in school №1. Pupils got acquainted with various cultures of the nations of the world. There was

New Beds for Children’s Department

The members of the Charitable Foundation “Kindness” visited the children’s department of psychoneurologic dispensary on the 7th of April, where they had donated beds earlier. In the very beginning of

The Second Chance

This place is really amazing. Every year ANO «Nazareth» receives more than 700 requests and people. They are the former prisoners, people who got into a difficult situation and orphans.

Deputy’s Reception

There was held a meeting with the Deputy of the city Duma of the 11th constituency of Voronezh Alexandr A. Zhukov in the regional public reception room of Chairman of

First meeting of Cultural Heritage Commission

On February 11, the first meeting of 2016 of Cultural Heritage Commission in association with the administration of the city of the Voronezh district was held. It includes representatives of

Antialcoholism and drug addiction are serious issues of today’s world

“It is not difficult to give up doing drugs. It’s hard not to start taking them again”- these words was a beginning of the round table discussion on “Resocialization and

Semicentenary of Kindness

MBGEI * «Children’s Development Center infant school №53#—» in Voronezh celebrated its anniversary. Anniversary is an occasional and welcome holiday of any organization. Its fiftieth anniversary celebrated infant school №53