Single mothers will master new professional skills in Voronezh

A new project started in Voronezh in 2017, which aim is to help single mothers with social adaptation. The single mothers will have a chance to be provided with psychological

Ambassador of International Organization of Peace has visited Voronezh

In our city he met with the Deputy of the Voronezh City Duma, the founder of the charity fund “Kindness” Alexander Zhukov. In the beginning of the week the Ambassador

Kindness to babies

The representatives of the Fund and pupils of school №57 got handmade present to the orphanage. The most precious gifts are handmade ones, because such presents are made with love

Life with “Hope”

Voronezh organization of disabled people with cerebral paralysis “Hope”, which has recently celebrated its 25th anniversary and celebrated housewarming, finally received furniture which was delivered by the representatives of the

Judo competition has been held in Voronezh

The competition was held at school №98 last week. Several dozens of beginners took part in demonstration performances. Not only their parents but also representatives of the charitable fund “Kindness”,

The Opening of Art School for Young and Old

Classes started on the 1st of June, students and graduates of the State Art Institute will teach children painting. On Children’s Day, June 1, there was the grand opening of

Counter-drug Forum has been held in Voronezh

The founder of the charity fund “Dobrota”, Deputy of the city Duma Alexander Zhukov took part in the round table discussion “Resocialization and social adaptation, problems and solutions”. The second

The Celebration of Maslenitsa in Bobrovsk

The imminent end of the winter was celebrated with dancing, merry songs and a traditional burning of Kostroma. In the end of the week, the representatives of the fund visited

Day of Kindness

The representatives of the charity fund “Dobrota “visited pupils of Bobrovsky boarding school on February 14. The representatives of the charity Fund “Dobrota ” visited the boarding school again. The

Voronezh school gives higher education

The school graduates become scholarship students. Scientific conference was held at school № 98 on March 19. It would seem a usual event for educational institutions: choose a topic, prepare

Happy to get elder

The representatives of the fund “Kindness” and volunteers with the concert program visited the nursing home on the 5th of April. There is hustle and bustle in the nursing home.

The day of people with boundless opportunities

United Nations’ International Day of Persons’ with Disabilities was officially established on the 14th of October in 1992. This holiday serves to show that everybody is equal. Moreover, it units

Make Peace – No War

The representatives of the Charitable Foundation “Kindness” visited Ukranian refugees on the 8th of April. There is a hotel “Nadezhda” which is situated in Verkhnee Trusovo. This place has become

The best job ever

Children are the lights of our lives. Their parents are proud of their kids’ first steps, success and achievements. Kids and their parents go through life arm in arm and

Chess competition in commemoration of the Hero

On September 25, 26, pupils from 12 schools of the Kominternovskiy and Sovetskiy districts of Voronezh competed for the victory in the chess competition in the honor of A. I.

Best of the best get scholarships!

In order to receive a scholarship, it is not necessary to study on a budgetary basis. The best students of Voronezh Institute of high technologies proved this idea once again.